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The property management solution PMAx is now accessible in AppSource, Microsoft's international market for specialised solutions. PMAx is the first solution that Advania registers in AppSource.

The PMAx system is designed in close co-operation with large companies in the property and leasing markets in the Nordic countries and Europe. It is primarily intended for companies with large property portfolios. PMAx brings a comprehensive overview of the entire property portfolio, saving time and allowing for more effective resource allocation.

"Registering PMAX in AppSource opens up possibilities and strengthens Advania's marketing opportunities in the international market. Microsoft sets high quality standards for solutions that are registered in AppSource and it is, therefore, a distinct pleasure that Advania's first system is now accessible there," says Kristinn Eiríksson, Director of Business Solutions, Advania Iceland.

Kristinn Eiríksson, Director of Business Solutions, Advania Iceland.

Developed as an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation, PMAx integrates seamlessly with other Dynamics solutions. PMAx is used by companies in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Hungary.

AppSource makes it possible to purchase subscriptions to various solutions that have been developed by independent manufacturers, including in the Dynamics 365 environment.

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